How to start a clothing brand - Part 1

In this blog I will be talking you through my experience and what I did to start my journey in the clothing business. 

The 1st step was to be realistic in myself and to realise this journey i'm going to take myself on will not be easy. You need to realise from the beginning there will be moments when you feel its not possible to succeed. There will be times when things out of your control will go wrong and set you back. There will be times where you feel you are getting nowhere. But these challenges happen to the best of us and its the ones that can move on and not give up that will eventually succeed. 

Once I was aware that I will no doubt have to overcome such struggles, I felt like I had a head start mentally and was ready for whatever came my way.  

So now my mind is in it, the 1st actual step was to figure out a name for my brand. This is a massive decision. Your name is the forefront of your business, its your identity. It needs to be easily remembered and have some sort relevance to your niche. I started writing down all words I can think of associated with health, fitness, bodybuilding, the gym etc. I then mixed and matched all words for a 2 way name. Eventually after a week or so I decided on Mass Aesthetics.

Now before I could move on, I needed to make sure no other company has this name. I therefore searched this names into most social media platforms I could think of, e.g instagram, facebook, twitter etc.  Most importantly the intellectual property office. Once I knew Mass Aesthetics was ok to use, next up was my logo. This and the name are the 2 fundamentals of a brand. This took me a while to come up with. I started sketching ideas on paper, maybe using 10 sheets of A4 paper up figuring out what is was to be. Here are just a few of my original sketches just so you can understand where I started from and how all things start at the bottom. 

As you can see it was a working progress. From sketching on paper and deciding the basics of my logo I then moved on to paint to finalise my logo. See image below. 

I then realised the logo still needed to improve, I needed a better platform to be able to draw and design my logo along with eventually the clothing designs. I researched for design apps and found Adobe illustrator to be the top dog of design platforms. So I downloaded the application and started paying the monthly subscription. I had no clue how to use Adobe illustrator. So I started playing around with it, I watched countless tutorials on all the different features, and eventually fine tuned my logo to what it is today. 

Illustrator works in a vector format, which means the images can be enlarged without losing any image quality. Whereas other programmes such as paint work in pixels and therefor enlarging the image will give a pixelled jagged edge and lose its quality. 

So I now have my name and logo, my next step is to apply for a patent and register a Trade Mark for my name and logo. There are a few steps to this. But once I filled in my application, my name and logo was published into the Trade Marks journal. Here, is where all business names are put forward before acceptance and where any business can decline your application if they feel its imitating their business or too close to being the same. I had wait 2 months for the all clear and then got sent a certificate of Trade Mark for my name and logo. 

My next move was to buy a domain name (web address) The company I bought my domain name from was GoDaddy. You can search for web addresses you would like to use. My 1st choice was Unfortunately this wasn't available, but I was able to buy the domain which I was happy with. is now available (typical) So I bought my domain and felt like I was really doing this. I was all in and nothing was going to stop me from creating my vision. 

So now I'm official. I have my name, logo, and domain name. This is when it hit me i'm really going to do this. Altogether this process had taken me around 3-4 months and around £300 with illustrator subscription and trademark application. 

My next step was to get on social media. I knew this was where the majority of sales would be coming from and instagram is the best free (optional) marketing platform there is. Therefor I wanted to get a head start and gain followers straight away. I created the Mass Aesthetics account but as I didn't have any products selling, my posts would be health and fitness related. I would spend around an hour a day purely engaging with people and trying to gain my following and fan base.

While doing all the things mentioned above, I would be spending hours researching all the different types of fabrics, the uses, pros and cons of each fabric. The different types stitches and uses for each. The different types of printing methods, garment production methods etc etc. I wanted to make sure I knew as much as possible about the business I was embarking in. When I do something, I do it all or nothing. I wasn't going to cut any corners, and to ensure I was to bring out the best possible products, I needed to know all the ins and outs of the clothing industry. 

So this is the 1st few steps that I made to be on my way to creating and launching Mass Aesthetics. I hope this has been informative for you and given you some good insight into whats involved. Please leave a comment in the comments section below letting me know your thoughts of this blog :) 

I really appreciate the support from you guys, and stay tuned for part 2 :)