Running tips for summer & winter

We all know running is an excellent aerobic exercise. It significantly helps to burn those unwanted calories which in turn leads to fat reduction in the right circumstances. As a result, we get a healthy body with a healthy weight. Running is also a good option to improve our cardiovascular fitness. But extreme hot weather and chilled winters make a hindrance for our running. So, here are some useful tips which will help you to run even in extreme sensitive weather.


Essential Tips for Summer Running


●     Wear suitable clothes for summer - When the sun is beaming, you need to follow some guidelines to avoid uneasiness during running. As dark shade clothes absorb heat, you should wear light shade clothes. Its a good option to avoid any tight-fit attire, as your body can feel a natural breeze. Nylon and polyester the 2 main synthetics fabrics are great for staying cool and allow for sweat wicking. With our Fineform T being a blend of Nylon/spandex and the Polyfit stringer polyester, these garments are the perfect running tops for the summer. (Not the Dark Navy Colour so much) Choosing the right Fitness Wear is essential for your running experience.

●     Choose cool conditions for running - During summer it is very important to decide your running timing (if of course you have that luxury). You should take advantage of comparatively cool weather of early mornings and evenings. You can also select an indoor place for running like your local gym. Most will have a treadmill/s for you to run on. The added benefit to this is that a treadmill can be more forgiving on your joints and it will make your workout session perfect without any hazards from the outdoors or excessive heat. 


Essential Tips For Winter Running

During winter running, you must take extra care in what you are wearing. To protect your head from extreme cold use a woollen hat. This is made from insulting material and it will stop you from getting those horrible cold ears and brain freeze. Your attire is able to keep away chilled air from your skin, and can prevent vapour generation during running. For example, you can choose fleece, thermal fleece, micro fleece and more. I can recommend the a Hoodie to wear during running in winter.


You should follow this particular guideline during running in extremely hot days or freezing winter. Thus, you will be able to complete your running session comfortably. Without any fear of extreme uneasiness due to weather. Running is hard enough as it is and you dont want to put an extra risk factor to it.