The Science Behind the Perfect Gym T-Shirt

So I know what you’re thinking...”science has nothing to do with making a gym t-shirt?” Your'e right and wrong, it's not as much as the science they teach you at school, I’m talking ‘the sweet science’. 

Combining all the attributes required to end up with a gym t-shirt that lasts, looks great and makes your workouts as comfortable as can be.


The right fabric is paramount when a gym top is involved. It needs to keep you cool and allow you to manoeuvre without restriction. A lot of Gym T-shirts for men tend to have a blend of Lycra/Spandex with either Cotton, Polyester or Nylon. The spandex plays a vital role in allowing the fabric/garment to stretch giving more freedom of movement. I couldn’t imagine wearing a stiff gym t-shirt with no stretch to it, it would restrict my workout and lower my levels of production. So the next time you’re looking for a the right gym wear and specifically a gym t-shirt, check the fabric to help you make an informed decision. 


When you are sweating it out in the Gym, whether it be on a treadmill, or weight training/bodybuilding, you need to feel comfortable in what you are wearing. A gruelling workout should be uncomfortable, so you don’t want that extra discomfort coming from the clothes you are wearing. 

This comes down to a few things 


There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to choosing a gym t-shirt, or any clothing for that matter. It’s all about personal preference and what makes you feel comfortable and confident. If it’s a tighter style fit you like, then you will want to make sure the size ratios of the chest, and arms are suited to you.  


You can’t talk about a T-shirt without talking about the style it brings right?. After all, isn’t this what we prioritise our decision making on? The 1st impression comes into play in whatever you are looking to wear. 

Having a great style creates a feel good factor. I can’t tell you just how powerful it is to be feeling good before & during a workout. Your performance is effected by how you are feeling. If you look good, you will feel good, which in turn will ultimately result in performing at your best and optimising your workout to its fullest. 


The type of stitching or seam work can have an effect on the comfort of your top. Especially if it’s a fitted T-shirt or a compression top you are performing your exercise in. There is nothing worse than getting rub rash from an inner pronounced seam rubbing the top layer of your skin away. Flat-lock seams are perfect to ensure a smooth inner finish with an almost seamless feel to the garment. 


The final part Gym T-shirt being great is the longevity. You want a T-shirt to last, you will be putting it through it’s paces week after week. You don’t want it to fade, lose its shape, have the logo peeling off. The only way to find out this is by reading the reviews and trying the T-shirt our for yourself. Our Fineform T has a unbelievable life span. With the fabric being nylon/spandex, it doesn't lose its shape what so ever. I have personally had mine for over a year now and It is just the same as when I bought it. With flat lock seams for comfort and a shape that accentuates aesthetic appeal. The Fineform T is the definition of gym t-shirt, check it out for yourself and see what others have had say in the reviews section below the product. All our clothing is designed for Style, Comfort & Performance.