Importance of having a PT or coach

This blog will be a short and sweet one (sorry for anyone on prep that I just made think about sweets lol) 

The answer to the title is very specific to each individual. But with that being said, having a PT or coach can be very helpful indeed whether you are wanting to start going to the gym and to live an all round healthier lifestyle, or wanting to compete and get shredded to the bone holding dense muscle.  

Lets say you are wanting to compete, this is a very big decision to make and you need to be 100% committed to what you are about to embark on. There will be sacrifices along the way and tough times no doubt. You will need to be super strict with every part of the process. Your diet needs to be on point, your training needs to be planned out to ensure optimal gains, along with sleep, rest and recovery. I personally competed for 2 years without a coach. At the time I had just completed my PT course and I was all in with competing, I would study for hours a day on the body and the different ways I could optimise fat loss while sustaining muscle tissue as well as possible, along with all the peak week protocols and supplements to aid in being in optimal shape. There was a lot of trial and error involved, there were times when I wanted to quit, times where I cheated on my diet, times where I could of pushed myself that little bit more in the gym. With all that being said, if I were to have a coach by my side, the times where I went off track may not of happened. A coach will give you structure, they will do all the background work, all the fiddly bits on what needs doing, they will assess you and keep you level headed. Its easy for your mind to play tricks on you, you can look in the mirror and feel great, then half an hour later feel like you've never stepped foot in the gym. They will push you and ensure you are sticking to the plan, he’ll you stay motivated and ensure injury prevention. All this helps so you don't have to stress over working out what you need to do or what you should be eating etc. This will keep you concentrated solely on the job of training, eating, sleeping and resting. It can't be denied that two heads are better than one, especially in this situation.

The flip side is that they can be expensive, and tbh thats one of the reasons I didn't use a coach, I couldn't really afford it. That and I am too proud that I just wanted to say I did it all by myself. But in reality, sometimes you haveto leave your pride and do whats best for your goals. If you are serious about competing and have that goal to turn pro, then personally I think a coach is necessary. You don't see many pros without coaches. 

In regards to needing a PT, its quite a similar discussion, they will educate you, advise you and motivate you to stick to the plan and help you reach your goal.

Heres a few key reasons why people should hire a personal trainer.


A personal trainer will ensure exercises are executed correctly, ensure the muscles and joints have been warmed up sufficiently to decrease the risk of injury.


Just like having a coach, a personal trainer will help motivate you to adhere to the plan. They will structure and plan everything for you so all you need to do is do. 


Sometimes it’s easy to get stuck doing the same exercise, and this can lead to boredom. It’s in your personal trainers best interests to ensure you adhere to the training. Therefore he will asses the plan and switch it around to keep it fresh and exciting. 


Your personal trainer is there ensuring you turn up to the session. You can’t just not go and always make up an excuse. They will remind you of the reason you’re doing it. Also, you won’t want to be wasting your money if your not going to stick to it. 


A good personal trainer will always explain the reasons for his plan, explain what each exercise is for, why they are doing the things and allow you to increase your knowledge of health and fitness. They are their to provide you with the correct skill sets, guidance and knowledge to allow yourself to be your own personal trainer when you feel the time is right. 

 is It seems in a lot of cases the reason people want a PT is to help motivate them to actually do the physical activity, and ensure they adhere to leading a healthy lifestyle and potentially changing there bad habits completely. 

So if you are reading this, thinking you want to change, you want to start leading a healthier life and get into a routine of exercising. Then I do suggest you look into finding a PT. Even if its for the 1st 6-8 weeks just to get yourself into a routine and break the habit. You can pick up enough knowledge and skills to allow yourself to carry on by yourself and have the confidence to believe in your own ability.

The hardest part is starting. You need to just take that leap and it will be the best thing you ever do :) 

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  • Quality blog, I am hoping to compete so will definitely consider a PT to help me get my gains etc. Thank you for another great post. Keep them coming 👍🏻


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