Suede effect Leather Weight Lifting Belt

Mass Aesthetics

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Comfort meets style with this leather bodybuilding & weight lifting belt. A unique grey suede outer is detailed with a contrasting white embroidered Mass Aesthetics logo. Then finished with a double row of white stitching. The white suede inner compliments this unique great belt for an eye catching look. Great support on the back with the inner padding for a great touch and comfortability. The support width is 5 inches, this is a unique size from others. We felt that a 4" was a little too thin and created a vulnerability when performing heat lifting. A 6" is a little too wide and gives an uncomfortable feeling. Therefore 5" is just perfect. There is a solid belt loop with a chunky buckle to ensure strength and stability when lifting. All of our belts use chrome screw rivets so you can rest assured this is a belt to last. This is a perfect belt to test and increase your squat with high resilience and substantial support to take your bodybuilding to the next level safely.